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CODE D'AZUR, Amsterdam / KLM / 2013

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The key to return on social media is the mere essence of social media: not spamming them with offers but engaging and activating the millions of KLM fans and followers on social media. We enable the fans to create their own offer through Social Offer.

(1) Through a Facebook poll, we ask our fans to choose their favorite destination.

(2) Once the destination has been chosen, fans are able to bring down the price by sharing the Social Offer campaign. The more shares, the lower the ticket price will be.

(3) All fans can book the self-created Social Offer.


The concept was so successful that we use it in many different countries, tailored to local needs.


- This social media driven sales concept resulted in a ticket sales increase of 700%.

- For each euro invested payback was approximately 36 euros.

- The average reach of the Social Offer campaigns was 1.1 million consumers. Even more impressive is the fact that 70% of this reach was driven by referrals of fans that invited their friends to bring down the price (earned).

- For every 1000 consumers that were reached, 45 participated by either voting or sharing the campaign.

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