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Landmark Ambience

HS AD/GIIR COMMUNICATIONS INDIA, New Delhi / undefined / 2018

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360 Degree Immersive Display innovation – an experience to the consumers in a closed space but with Outdoor Digital Signage. The vastness of the display offers a taste of the brand’s magnanimity to the audience. The imposing structure layered in three 3 tiers offers the communication as well as broad, clear branding opportunities. This called for an innovation which would negate nothing of the brand, ensure a positive impact and a considerable mind share of the target group. The LG OLED screens, less than a credit card in thickness and extremely flexible offer a seamless view of the communication along with its perfect black technology bringing out an overwhelming display. The colossal suspended structure which literally seems levitating is a showstopper in itself. The design of the structure with curved displays further attracts eyeballs, making the innovation an overall grandeur becomes the foremost point of contact for the target audience.


There are two major components of this innovation. 70 LG OLED flexible panels – thick as a credit card with Perfect Black, immersive colours - fixed in 1 huge customised rim with a total weight of 4800 kgs. All, suspended from the top with 6 rigging points punched to the existing structure of Ambience Mall, Gurugram, India. First conceptualised in January and brought onto papers, all the panels and the rim were customised in Korea and shipped to India. Teams from Korea and India collaborated over a 2 month period and put up the massive innovation. It has AR/VR provisions making it a complete 360 degree outdoor media experience. This is the only outdoor media with a complete functional sound system of its own. The three layers – two circles and one 3D triangle – complete 360 degree view of the content displayed making it a treat to the eyes from any storey or angle of the Mall. The content played is redone to a certain ratio and format to extract the best of this innovative outdoor media display. Of the three layers, two comprise of content playing while the middle one focuses on the brand logo ensuring unadulterated attention.


India’s First Innovative Digital Outdoor Signage – the expectation from the very outset of this idea. This was the first that the country experienced. The marketers of the world’s largest democracy had been unable to reach out with impactful mind share to its various target audiences. Landmark Signage at Ambience mall in Gurugram, Haryana, India, is the first ray of dawn in the Outdoor media sector in India’s quest of being a digitalized nation. The structure clubbed with technology was ideated to carve a space in the viewers mind. It was meant to add a dimension of experience to the outdoor media sector. The results were so overwhelming that other major metro cities of India, like Bangaluru & Mumbai has approached for this Digital Innovation.