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Issue Laundry is a low-interest category. How do you make mums buy into a new technological innovation that is not immediately distinguishable in a crowded market?

ChallengeP&G issued a multi-agency challenge to launch the re-stage of Bold 2in1 detergent with a new, innovative freshness technology to:-Excite Bold customers with the new, improved product, driving loyalty and affinity -Attract new Bold customers by creating a point of differentiation with the new Perfume Micro Capsule technology (PMC)InsightThe PR agency recognised a need to move away from cold technological terminology and create an emotional connection. Mums tell us a hug from her child is a sign she’s a good mum. The new PMC technology which releases fragrance on contact was reframed as "hug release" technology.

SolutionRealising the power of a hug between mum and child, the PR agency decided to let families do the talking for them. Bold 2in1 toured Britain, collecting heart-warming testimonials from children describing what a hug from mum means to them. Results-Exceeded penetration targets and delivered record share -Generated +130 million opportunities to see-Transformation of a rational product upgrade into an emotionally-driven, PR-led integrated campaign


The 'Big Bold Hug' began with a high-profile TV media partnership on Mother’s Day (14/3/10). Leveraging the popular TV talent show format, a travelling audition toured shopping centres nationwide inviting children to talk to the camera about how a hug from mum made them feel, with the incentive of potential TV fame. Editorial and social media drove footfall and harvested its rich storytelling potential. Radio advertisements placed during hugging times (school pick-up and drop-off) drove further impact, whilst TV and press educated on hug-release technology.Star judge of UK talent show "Britain’s Got Talent", Amanda Holden, selected her favourite entries that were edited into two TV specials and broadcast to a 15m+ audience on 3/6/2010 during the live finals of her show. Clever media amplification in TV listings drove appointment to view and brand attribution.Cinema foyers, online and retailer promotions drove further engagement and trial.


The campaign was deemed a run-away success, delivering Bold’s best ever penetration rates and reversing the brand’s long-term share decline. In the 3 months from airing, the brand achieved a 29% trial uplift amongst non-users, representing incremental penetration of 1.4m households. 428 product reviews were posted achieving an average 4.6/5 rating. Bold exceeded share expectations to deliver a 17% increase in volume share and high repeat purchase rates.

At the heart of this integrated campaign, was a PR-developed idea that was so intuitive and heart-opening, that all disciplines could enrich it to bring the new technology to life in a way that captured consumer, customer and the media’s attention in spreading a feel good factor across the UK. The PR elements alone generated 131 million opportunities to see, with the roadshow element actively engaging 100,000 consumers with the product first hand to deliver 50,000 samples and collect 487 child testimonials.

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