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UBI BENE, Paris / PERRIER / 2017

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The event aimed to create a temporary brand activation spot in Paris, outside of the Tennis tournament main location. The main objective for Perrier was to offer to the public a compelling experience with its brand values and history. This activation effort had to carry a lot of impact in term of PR and Social Media and rely on a storytelling that matches the Perrier campaigns and the long partnership linking Perrier to Roland Garros Tennis Open for the last 39 years in a row.


Celebrating a long-lasting partnership between a famous brand like Perrier and an iconic sport tournament like the French Tennis Open is always a great opportunity to break rules and push boundaries.

However, Perrier's 39 years of sponsorship of Roland-Garros have both created a strong association of ideas between the two brands and also a substantial difficulty to emerge in the lanscape.

Therefore, we decided to take the brand out of it's usual environment during the French Open and to use the unmatched Eiffel Tower image to support an world-premier experience for thrill seekers. The zipline arrival is designed to welcome guests in an open air pop-up tennis lounge. Each participant was able to receive a film of its own jump while enjoying complementary food and beverage, as well as watching the Roland-Garros matches on giant screens.


"The Eiffel tower is already the most visited monument in the world, welcoming seven million visitors each year, but we invited 800+ people to enjoy a unique bird-eye view from the Paris landmark.

To highlight Perrier’s relationship to Roland Garros Tennis tournament, we decided to send anyone brave enough to hold on down a path from the tower over the Champs de Mars and finishing at the École Militaire, open-bar lounge with music, deck chairs, hammocks and live broadcasting of the French Tennis Open.?

Riders were suspended 375 feet above the ground and zoomed down the line at 55 mph, the speed of a high-powered tennis serve."

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