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To tease the release of The LEGO Batman Movie we mapped out a creative strategy that would grab the attention of people in Downtown Detroit during the NAIAS Charity Preview Event, including those local media outlets covering the event, and get them asking the question “What is Chevrolet up to?”

We first turned the dark skies of Downtown Detroit into Gotham City by shining a Bat Signal on the blacked-out, yellow-accented exterior of Chevrolet HQ which sits directly outside the space where NAIAS is held. But Gotham City is not complete without its most recognizable vehicle prowling through the streets.

Working with LEGO designers we manufactured a life-size version of the all-new Chevy LEGO Batmobile using 344,187 LEGO bricks and unveiled it the next day to a crowd of energized auto enthusiasts, who’s positive reactions were heard loud and clear at the event, and through their personal social media channels.


Leading up to its release in theatres, Chevrolet developed creative to drive awareness of its integration with The LEGO Batman Movie and promote the unveiling of the all-new Chevy LEGO Batmobile at NAIAS and on Campaign elements that included OOH LEGO-sized billboards, YouTube homepage takeover, PR, experiential, digital, social media and an in-campaign “LEGO-ized” television spot, worked tirelessly to promote the integration and drive to Batmobile launch page on


The Chevy Lego Batmobile campaign was one of the best-received partner collaborations, and garnered some incredible statistics as it swept through the auto industry and pop culture.

To date, 387 articles about the Lego Batmobile launch have been

collected with an earned estimated reach of 5,135,972 (total non-automotive articles recorded 77 articles, exceeding the objective by more than 5x).

Traffic to the Chevy LEGO Batmobile page on recorded 781K visits, approximately 5% of total traffic during the time it was live (Mobile accounted for 65% of LEGO traffic, higher than overall Chevrolet mobile visit average).

Chevrolet also saw a 51% increase in brand opinion through a standardized brand lift survey that was served to the audience when they interacted with the Chevy LEGO Batmobile model overview page.

Chevrolet has recorded an 11% conversation around NAIAS, with the next highest OEM being Ford at 8% of the conversation (68% of Chevrolet NAIAS

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