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LEGO Green Instructions

OGILVY POLAND, Warsaw / LEGO / 2021


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To help launch the new global LEGO positioning of ‘Rebuild the world’ into Poland, by finding a relevant link to the country’s local culture and the brands core target audience. Our campaign needed to measurably position LEGO with relevance to its target audience and make Consumers aware of its wider long term ambition to be a more environmentally friendly company.


Creation of new climate change education based on rebuilding existing popular LEGO sets into greener versions. New additional ‘Green Instructions’ which turned planes into electric trains, cars into bicycles or scooters, and coal mines into wind power stations. All to demonstrate how people can reduce the impact on environment and to educate the next generation about a brighter future.


In Poland 79.9% of energy is still produced using coal, so there’s a lot of education that needs to take place on climate change and the direct impact of energy sources on the environment. The country has also the most polluted air in Europe but there is zero education in schools about this important issue. Polish children have been protesting demanding to learn about the environment, but the Minister of Education statement was that “There is no need for lessons in schools on climate change”. We decided to create an alternative way for children to educate themselves about climate change based on the rebuilding existing LEGO sets.


‘Green Instructions’ were distributed in all LEGO stores in Poland (printed on recycled paper), digital versions available for free from

When the global lockdown came, we added to the campaign - online lessons based on the same ‘Green Instructions’ led by one of the most popular Polish teachers. We made these lessons available to everyone. Soon teachers from all over the country discovered them and started using them in their own classrooms. Our message has already found its way into a large number of schools across Poland.

June 2020 onwards in all LEGO Poland channels & stores. Video based lessons - early 2021 using the same Green Instructions. Today - available digitally & supported by LEGO official media channels.

With over 700 schools downloading them, we exceeded our ambitions and targets by over 300%. The positive sentiment recorded from the target audience helped us reach our campaign targets successfully.


100% positive reaction from over 23,000 comments posted by parents, teachers and kids on our social channels. Organic participation by popular Polish celebrities with over 1.5 million followers. Over 2 million impressions recorded in the first 2 weeks of our launch.

Despite governments public resistance to introducing this type of education into schools, 723 schools downloaded our lessons, creating widespread climate control education for the first time in Polish history.

Our campaign also started an important national conversation about climate change, whilst showing our audience how aligned LEGO is the rebuilding of a better world.

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