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Leica 'Limitless'

TOWNSEND HURST, St. Louis / LEICA / 2024

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Terry is a valued member of the Leica community -- and in 2023 had a breakthrough exhibition called "Frames Between the Pain" at the Leica Gallery LA. Terry's work, entirely monochrome, addresses his struggle with CRPS.

In 2023 Leica released their latest monochrome camera system: the M11 Monochrom. The monochrome camera records only shadows and light -- completely void of color. This requires photographers to push beyond the limitations of traditional creative thinking.

Recognizing the shared spirit of Terry and the M11m, Leica commissioned 'Limitless' to accompany the release of the camera.

Leica's primary objective was to generate online buzz around its commitment to its artists and its values. Secondary was to generate buzz around the release of the M11 Monochrom.


Given Leica's historically limited use of advertising, 'Limitless' was an ambitious project from the beginning. The marketing department was only able to secure $15,000 for the production.

To embody the theme of 'limitations', the production set stringent guardrails on much of the process -- including shooting in black and white, limiting shooting locations to those that appear in Terry's photography, and filming everything practically, in-camera.

The biggest challenge that the production faced was supporting and accommodating the debilitating symptoms of Terry's condition. To portray CRPS as accurately as possible, Terry forwent any treatments in the weeks leading up to the production. Battling excruciating pain and limited mobility, Terry could only allow a single take per set-up. By the third day of shooting, his thumb had completely dislocated.

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