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In Spain nobody cares that thousands of Roma children drop out of school every day. But what would happen if it were Leonor, Princess of Spain, who quit school? This would lead to a great national conversation. This idea was the core of our campaign.

With the help of an influential journalist, we announced that the young Leonor was going to drop out of school and everyone was shocked at the idea that the future Queen of Spain would not have a decent education. But the surprise was even greater when we revealed that in reality the Leonor in our news item was not the princess but a Roma girl with the same name, who would almost certainly quit school.

With this bombshell we leveraged the confusion to highlight this problem and create an enormous conversation about why we care more about some children than others.


Our campaign began with a single tweet in which our ambassador Ana Pastor published the news with the hashtag #LeonorDejaLaEscuela, which soon became a trending topic. The debate quickly spread and reached all the media.

Shortly thereafter, and in the light of the enormous controversy, Ana Pastor had to reveal the truth by posting a video on Twitter which unveiled the Roma Leonor, the one we were actually talking about. This surprise meant that our campaign featured in the main media outlets and rekindled the debate. However, this time people were not talking about the princess, but rather the education of Roma children. And most importantly, we put something that nobody talked about on the Queen of Spain’s official agenda. With one tweet we got the attention of an entire country.


With just one Tweet we got the response of more than 16.507.243 active users in Twitter. In just few hours our hastag, #LeonorDejaLaEscuela , was Trending Topic and our campaign spread rapidly through the media, appearing in all mayor newspapers, TV and radio stations. At the end, we earned media for a value of 699.214 €, and got 74.092.627 impressions in a country of only 46 million people.

Even the Queen of Spain got involved in the campaign. Our client got an audience with her, and finally the Romani education became a public affaire.

Due to the success of our campaign, our message was widely spread, helping to rise the awareness of our client’s problem, and helping also to change the minds of millions of people about the Romani community.

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