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BBH, London / AUDI / 2013

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At what was a cluttered time of year, the iconic print and outdoor placements caught people’s attention.

Interactive formats transitioned between the visuals of the leopard and cat and extended engagement.

To reward Audi Facebook followers they were invited to submit a name for the ‘Lepcat’ and the best entries received a limited edition framed print of the campaign visual.

There was creative consistency as the creative visual was used in Audi centre and direct mail communications.

The awareness and engagement created by the S7 campaign was converted to consideration with a tactical A7 offer in print, which ran on a consecutive page to the S7 execution in publications.


Post the campaign activity January 2013 saw the first monthly year on year gain since April 2012, with a 13% sales uplift for A7/S7.

During the campaign period traffic increased from an average of 3,700 in November to 25,486 visits in December to the S7 page on, a percentage increase of 514%.

There was a 44% increase in S7 configurations on the site and a 34% increase in brochure requests.

There were 6,396 engagements with the Facebook promotion, reaching 220,000 people.

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