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PEDRO JUAN & DIEGO, Santiago / AUKIN / 2019


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Situation: In the region of the Araucanía located in the south of Chile and Argentina, inhabitant of the oldest indigenous peoples of America, the Mapuches. They have been at war for more than 500 years, first against Spanish colonization and, at present, against multinationals and the Chilean state.

In secret, its leaders have been imprisoned: without any guarantees, without evidence and without judicial hearings. A situation that has been denounced by Amnesty International and the UN.

The media does not mention what is happening in these communities. Only Aukin addresses the situation, but his coverage does not reach more than 1,000 people.

Brief: Create a high-impact campaign to carry out the conflict of attention to the general public and the media.

Objectives: In social networks increase commitment, opinions, followers and visits to the website.

Make the Mapuche people have a national presence in the media.


In 2001, the Chilean State decided to pay homage to the Mapuche people by placing the image of a Machi (a Mapuche spiritual leader) on one of the faces of the $ 100 pesos coin. We decided to use this image of the machi on the coin and transform it into a means of communication, inviting supporters to scratch it with three (3) lines which represent the imprisonment of their leaders, putting into national circulation a direct representation of the imprisonment of their leaders so that everyone could see it.



- Men and women, Mapuche and Chilean, of all ages.

- Chilean politicians, journalists, police and judges.

- Mass media.

Media planning:

To achieve the maximum dissemination of the message we created a 60-second video that invited people to join the protest by scratching the $ 100 coins and uploading it to Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.


In order to viralise the message, we invited different national influencers, such as musicians, painters, poets, sportsmen and politicians supportive of the Mapuche cause, to involve themselves by scratching the coins and publishing it in their Social Networks.


• Implementation: We uploaded to our Social Networks a 60-second video that invited people to join this protest by scratching the $ 100 coins

• Media channels and integration: We published our piece on Social Networks and with the strategic use of influencers we managed to viralise the campaign, achieving media coverage in both national and international media.

• Timeline:

1º We published the video on Social Networks

2º We invited influencers to join the cause, by scratching coins and publishing the content on their Social Networks profiles.

3º The message quickly became viral in Social Networks

4th We obtained wide national coverage by the mass media.

5th The Mapuche conflict achieved being present in national and international media.

• Scale: We used a video that was viralised by social networks, capturing the attention of more than 200,000 people.





- We managed to scratch 1.6% of all $ 100 pesos coins.

- Public opinion and both the national and international media became interested in the Mapuche conflict.

- But what is more important is that we managed to create a symbol of struggle to send an urgent message in aid of the Mapuche people.

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