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Life in the Fast Lane

SAATCHI & SAATCHI LA, Los Angeles / TOYOTA / 2017

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Rather than focusing on traveling to physical locations as the brand has done in the past our film explores the concept of time travel and challenges viewers to think about the meaning of “places” on a deeper level. In this story, a woman realizes that embracing the idea of “Let’s Go Place’s” significantly impacts the direction of her life.


The film was shot on a long busy street in Miami Florida using a Russian arm. It had its challenges and required locked down of a two-way road for every 20-minute shoot. Due to budget constraints and timing we needed a specific look and feel so we had to shoot multiple takes throughout the whole day to minimize post production timing and costs. In order to incorporate the music, we immediately pulled up a very fast edit at the end of the day to send it to the musician so that he would start working in real time in order to make our timing.


The film is slated to run in 20,000 theaters, reaching 62% of moviegoers and 71% of typical opening weekend box office share.  The film was just uploaded and released to the public on the April 28th. Results are unavailable at this time.  

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