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Light A Life

LEO BURNETT, Kuala Lumpur / MAXIS / 2017

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A large part of the Malaysian Indian community, especially the urban poor, are burdened with social ills that leave their youths vulnerable to exploitation and the influence of gangsterism. 3 in 10 youths are lured into drug abuse while in school, and 4 in 10 will not finish school. Many of them find a second family in gangs – their gateway to a life of crime and violence.

Their hope lies in MySkills Foundation: a non-profit organisation dedicated to rehabilitating these troubled teenagers. But MySkills faced a double whammy of low public awareness and low public empathy for ex-delinquents that face hostility for being troublemakers perpetuating negative stereotypes of their own race.

Maxis is a known advocate of Internet For Good. As Deepavali, the Festival Of Lights approached, it was the perfect time to help shed light on an untold story…in a way that would truly change lives.



With mobile being the core platform, we equated the simplest form of contribution with the act of touching a screen. And by doing so, save a life from a vicious cycle of violence.

We produced two parallel films with different outcomes, the community’s real societal problems portrayed through a young protagonist that descends into an increasingly troubled life.

The user can interact with the story by touching ‘light sources’ within the scene like street lamps and bulbs to reveal a parallel story filled with light and hope.

Timing and synchronisation was key to success

For seamless interactivity, it was crucial to match each scene to deliver a coherent story. Not only was it challenging for backend development to sync video and audio for smooth transitions between the parallel stories, but also from a film production perspective to match them scene for scene.

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