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ASSEMBLY, Auckland / ASB / 2014

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The Like Loan campaign is a simple concept where each 'like' on facebook lowers a home loan rate that can be won by three lucky winners. As the key part of tis campaign, we created a TVC that generates a 'live' rate that seamlessly integrates into pre-rendered animation and was then broadcast live between 6pm and 10pm on national television, to track the dropping rate in real time.


From just 7 draws, Like Loan attracted 30,618 unique entries, 26,382 who have opted to give us their contact details. A staggering 86% hit rate. So far, this has generated over NZ$167 million in new lending and revenue of more than NZ$9.9 million net profit through interest gained on loans. Our social reach covered the entire population, twice over.

ASB’s Facebook fan base increased by 46%. One lucky winner took home the country’s lowest-ever home loan rate!

But most importantly, ASB achieved a world-first in the financial services industry: proving that a bank can monetise social media marketing activity.

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