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Diapers are one of the most polluting wastes in the world.

Each one needs more than 400 years to decompose.

The brief was to encourage an entire nation of parents to get involved and play their part: recycling their children's used diapers.

The challenge for Pampers, as the market leader of this product category, is to reduce the diapers waste while creating a virtuous circle that helps children and parents understand the importance of recycling.


"Lino’s new life”: the world's first children's book made from used diapers that teaches children and parents the importance of recycling.


The project is aimed at families with children 0/3 years old.

We have involved our target with a network of special bins and supporting materials placed where they buy or change nappies: i.e. outside shopping centers, supermarkets, parks and close to nurseries.

We sent the book to all the families who used the "Pampers New Life" app that allowed them to throw nappies of all brands into the bins and receive a discount coupon on Pampers products.

We asked people to help Pampers rewrite the story of every diaper giving a new life to each of them.


Through a new smart bins network, we have collected over 1 million of used diapers in the first year of the project.

We brought them to the world’s first plant created by Pampers to turn used diapers into cellulose.

With the paper obtained from the plant, we printed 10,000 books that we sent to families.


From 1 million used diapers we obtained 48 tons of paper.

60 tons of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of a 4,000 trees park, were avoided.

The project managed to grow both the category (+17% volume) and Pampers share (+24% volume) where the bins were placed.

This project will allow Italy to eliminate 3 landfills from the Country every year.

Touching their own contribution to the project through the book, children and parents understood the importance of recycling and became more and more involved in changing a daily habit.

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