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• Situation: Football fans in Peru dismiss women’s football as an option, without having followed a single match. This is due to gender prejudice.

• Brief: Demonstrate that women's football is attractive to attract fans and help women's football develop.

• Objectives: End football gender prejudice in the Peruvian society.

Provide visibility to women's football and increase their fans.

Increase the positive brand sentiment and their relationship as sponsor of the national team.


During live broadcasts of men’s football matches on the radio, we took advantage of the namesakes among male and female players in Peruvian football to sneak real plays of women’s football during the match narration. While the whole country thought they were listening and celebrating a goal scored by Flores Edison, they ended up discovering that it actually was scored by Flores Scarleth. Doing the same with each namesake across 28 spots. Thus, we got a whole country excited through the use of the right medium.


• Target audience (consumer demographic / individuals / organizations): we targeted the most important matches of Peru and the national league to reach the largest audience in each region.

• Media planning: We mapped the exact minutes during these matches to be able to schedule the female plays in the main radio media.

• Approach: We contacted the main radio media to make sure the campaign would be advertised at the right minute during each life match. Having a total of 28 spots.


• Implementation: Once the advertising campaign strategy was carried out, and we had mapped all the namesakes of the local league players per match, we were able to camouflage real plays of women's football at the perfect timing.

• Media channels and integration: We were in the main radio media nationwide, at the same time, for the main matches of the national league and the national team across 28 spots.

• Timeline: We were on air throughout the local championship and the most important matches for the upcoming World Cup.

• Scale: We will use namesakes to keep on fighting prejudice in the following national and international championships


Listen to your passion had a reach of +4.5 million listeners across 28 spots. TV shows, the news and people all over the media also got to know and love this campaign, acknowledging its importance in times like these. Got more than 2 MM organic impressions (earned media) during the campaign.

In addition, with 98% positive mentions we managed to increase the number of fans in social media by 21% and the attendance to women’s football matches by 23%. At the same time, we improved the health of the Cristal brand by increasing the “meaningful” indicator by +10 points and the “Socially Responsible Brand” indicator by +3 points.

Listen to your passion helped not only to end gender prejudices, but also to develop women’s football and the Cristal brand as their sponsor.

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