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We set up an online shoe store and used AdWords to lure users to the website with search terms like “cheap shoes” and “sale”. When shoppers zoomed in for the details, they were confronted with the child who crafted that very pair – before being offered the chance to help him out. On ground, we installed a pop-up shoe store, where upon closer inspection, little hands – modelled after the actual hands of the child shoemaker – told the stories behind their creations. Each touchpoint served to educate and inspire browsers to get in touch with Magical Light Foundation to provide donations and other forms of support. Like the hands and faces behind these shoes, communication with the foundation was personal, private and powerful.


Since December, the team had plan and flew to India to do research on the situation of child labourers in India. The online store was set up first, and as it gained traction, we were busy on ground setting up the installations and exhibitions. While the online store saw organic and viral growth amongst a larger audience of online shoppers looking for purchases relevant to the issue at hand, the on-ground execution aimed to speak personally to the youth – from students to young adults, providing them a tactile and personal experience that is also social media sharing-friendly. The campaign was activated across 7 markets in Asia.


The campaign was launched in 7 countries across Asia. It achieved over 150,000 impressions in the first 2 weeks. 1,300 people visited the first pop-up store in Singapore, with launches planned in 5 other countries. It received a press feature in Singapore’s biggest news daily with a readership of over 2 million. Resulting donations already helped fund 25,000 square feet of land in India for the new vocational institute that will house 800 child labourers.

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