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RYOHIN KEIKAKU , Tokyo / undefined / 2013

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MUJI also operates as a home manufacturer, selling their homes called "House of MUJI".

The challenge is to give more people the experience of living in a "House of MUJI."

Our "Live Everything MUJI" campaign.

We built a House of MUJI in Tokyo to offer the "living MUJI" experience.

We would recruit people to live in a House of MUJI for two years, completely free.

MUJI would not only provide the house, but all of the MUJI products necessary for everyday living.

We raised awareness by launching a teaser site and announcing the campaign to SNS fans and followers.


We wanted to create a high-impact project first. Therefore, we decided to find a place with good location in Tokyo, build a house, to provide a home for two years free of charge to the winner. In addition, we have decided to offer a 'life of MUJI'. We also provided household goods from MUJI to provide more than just a home.

Then, we focused on the continuity of the project. Whoever participated in the campaign is a future customer. We would like to communicate with them on an ongoing basis in the future. So, as a condition of entry, we have them become a fan of our SNS first.


We received a total of 57,884 applicants from SNS in the 11-day campaign.

The number of fans of the House of MUJI Facebook page went from 700 before the campaign started, to over 30,000 by its end.

The page became the No. 1 Facebook fan page among Japanese housing manufacturers. (As of June 2012)

What we value above anything else, are those 57,884 people that we were able to communicate with through this project.

We continue to receive passionate messages on our wall from many people, sharing what 'living' means to them.