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Live the Smart Moments Campaign

AMAZON, Milan / GARMIN / 2020

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The client‘s vision is to become a global leader with their wearable and GPS technology. Their core business is the wearable category, and they are a leader in the pro and fitness sub-category.

In Q4 2019 they wanted to launch new fashionable smartwatches. Their goal was to attract a new mainly female, audience. They faced the challenge that women in Italy are less interested in sports on average than men (29% vs 41% for men). They also wanted to empower women to be more active. Our team built a creative concept to drive awareness and provide a 360° customer experience around the three new smartwatch devices: one for a tech savvy and luxury buying audience; another for a health and fitness oriented audience; and a third for an audience that is seeking a more stylish and less techy wearable.


To better associate the Personas with the brand, we used audience profiles as influencer selection criteria. We wanted influencers who could go beyond the brand’s existing audience to reach and engage women and communicate a new brand image. We selected Costanza Caracciolo (1.1M followers) a successful, stylish woman, Ivan Lurgo (282K+ followers) a professional, well respected male personal trainer and dietitian, and Chiara Carcano (372K+ followers) a fashionable, sports oriented young woman. We developed three landing pages tailored around product features and each influencers’ video content. We built a full funnel strategy around these landing pages. Relevant audience segments were engaged through programmatic video. Influencers then posted Social Media content to drive traffic to the pages. In a second phase, audiences with the highest engagement with programmatic video were re-engaged through programmatic display driving to landing pages. Finally, we used remarketing segments to support consumers purchase.


Utilizing the shopping signals from the customers, our team analyzed the premium smartwatch category to surface important consumer groups within it. We observed three sub-categories, which were aligned with the audiences our client wanted to reach: “Premium High Tech Buyers” (7.4% of the category), “Healthy Sports for Men” (7.5%), and “Sports focused Women” (8%). Then, we identified other product categories these customers were also likely to shop in. We expanded our understanding of our audiences outside the core focus areas and we added additional shopped behavioral information to better define our audience’s lifestyle.

Our team created the following media audiences: for Smartwatch1, a more innovative profile, shopping for premium products and not very sports-focused. For Smartwatch2, a more sports oriented profile, focused on healthy, open-air activities and shopping for nutritional products. For Smartwatch3, a profile shopping for women’s apparel and fashion, a young parent shopping for toys and school products.


Four separate analyses evidenced the impact of the campaign. A Brand-Lift study conducted by Nielsen allowed us to analyze the campaign’s positive impact on the brand. Brand perception improved on “notification system” (+10pp), “wide range of products for different needs” (+8pp) and overall position as “leader in the smartwatches category” (+8pp). The campaign was also successful in generating awareness and engagement: More than 16M consumers were reached, CTR was +113% vs category benchmark and the video completion rate was +5p.p above benchmark. The social media campaign generated an additional unique reach of 1.6M customers, increasing reach by 10%. An analysis of the audiences done after the campaign also demonstrated that the new products’ customers were more inclined to purchase female related categories. Together, these results evidence that the client had been successful in repositioning itself as a brand that was more relevant for all consumers, and very prominently, including women.

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