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Young Arab women aged 16-24 find comfort, strength and inspiration in their best friends. Mishaps associated with sanitary pads are considered to be girls’ most humiliating situations. They live in fear of being publicly embarrassed and so they always rely on their best friend to check their pants! “Can you check my pants?” is a phrase that dominates their period week.

We moved the best friend from the check my pants duty, and placed her to walk by her side and go on to explore living fearless together. “I got your back, but not to check your pants”

So we transformed the brand promise Live Fearless, from a mere communication, to a tangible physical experience…

Grab your BFF! Cease the moment. Embrace your strength. And with Nana, embark on a LIVE FEARLESS ADVENTURE!


Our target audience is highly socially active, mainly on Facebook - their preferred platform to connect, share and consume content. We created an online, reality based Facebook web series named #LIVEFEARLESS, where consumers got the chance to comprehend the definition of the powerful brand promise! We kicked off the campaign with powerful social influencers from these markets, capturing highly engaging and entertaining content that was split across 11 videos, which made our owned platform a frequent destination for these girls.

Then, we encouraged other young women to take part in their own “Live Fearless” journey by submitting photos of themselves with their best friend for the opportunity to win their own “Live Fearless” adventure.

We selected 4 lucky winners on the trip of a lifetime to Botswana!!!!


We created from a series of webisodes, a live platform which opened the door for real time conversations between the brand and consumers. For once, Arab girls felt comfortable and confident to engage with a femcare brand on social media. Whereby, we were reaching 50% of our audience on a weekly basis on facebook with a 10% engagement rate and a high CTR of 15%!

Lebanese and Jordanian girls warmed up to the content with 2.5 million views (TA population 960,000)! Participation exceeded KPIs by 170%!

We achieved the brand’s total year (2015) sales objectives within two months of the campaign launch with no promotional support. By June 2015, Nana volume shares in the Ultra segment increased by 18% in Lebanon and 35% in Jordan.

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