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L’Occitane Holiday Acquisition Campaign 

EPSILON, Boston / L'OCCITANE / 2022

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“It all began in the markets of Provence. With nothing but an alembic, a small truck, and a solid knowledge of plants…” is L’Occitane’s humble origin story. Since then, the brand has grown to sell luxurious skincare and beauty products in stores across the globe.

L’Occitane, like all brands, was exploring new and creative ways to bolster its holiday sales during Mother's Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas – some of the biggest sales times of the year.

Each year, L’Occitane relies on our planning and consulting to inform their digital marketing strategies. Using our Partner Funded product, we paired specific holiday product SKU’s with creatives for ads to drive holiday sales from current customers and new customers.


For the last several years we used holiday-themed ads for each of the respective holiday periods – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas.

The difference in strategy last year was highlighting products (SKU’s) unique to each holiday in the ads and targeting those with the highest propensity to buy those products.

The product that is chosen, as well as the person that receives the ads for it, are using our AI and data. Even though we already receive their first-party data weekly and with our 200M+ customer profiles, our data is constantly learning and evolving every second. However, by using the existing data we were able to produce a new solution


Our vast network and data, along with receiving L’Occitane’s first-party data on a weekly basis, allows us to marry the data and target the consumers with the highest propensity to purchase during holiday periods. This audience includes new shoppers and those who have purchased during these same holiday periods previously.

Not only were we able to see the revenue and number of orders, but we were also able to isolate the top-selling SKU’s that were a result of our messaging. From there, we can strategize what items to use the next year by categorizing which ones sold most and least.

We achieved higher revenue, orders, and average order values (AOV) year-over-year because of our SKU-driven strategy, and our data-driven ability to find the right customers at the right time.


The results of these holiday-themed ads were as follows:

Mother’s Day

Impact: Almond Collection generated the most revenue and orders of any SKU. 39% of all messaged revenue occurred online with 61% occurring in store and 52% of messages delivered prior to an order was done via desktop computer.

ROAS: $6:1 SKU ROAS / $94:1 total campaign

Father’s Day

Impact: L’Occitan Eau De Toilette was the top performing SKU product. Of the 12,014 individuals who made purchases through this campaign, 18% of them were new or had not made a purchase in 25+ months.

ROAS: $3:1 Father's Day SKU ROAS / $74:1 total campaign


Impact: Immortelle Divine Cream was the leader of all our top performing SKUs. Black Friday and Cyber Monday messaging drove over 9K visits to L’Occitane’s website.

ROAS: $30:1 SKU ROAS / $86:1 total campaign

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