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The most fanatical gamers experience such a strong immersion and connection with the characters and their virtual worlds, that they talk and dream about what would happen if the game could come to reality. In fact, many influencers and streamers create experiments and content imagining what they would be like if they existed.


Create a campaign focused on gamers to connect with them and increase Pepsi's consumption within this audience.


Increase Pepsi consumption by 25% on digital channels (the point of consumption most related to gamers).


Pepsi made the first alliance with 2 characters from League of Legends to bring their brands and restaurants to real life: Pizzivir and Kikiri Gallo, a pizza delivery girl and a giant rooster that makes fried chicken. Pepsi created an integrated campaign for both brands with all the branding design (logos, packaging. restaurants, delivery vehicles and media pieces for advertising), and managed to be the first drink to accompany the food of one of the most important video games, creating a way to have new fast food allies that allowed the brand to increase its sales within this audience.


Pepsi's strategy is to position itself as the beverage that accompanies the new generations, however, this was not happening. Those who were buying and consuming the brand were people over 40 years old, so the brand needed to be in the culture of the new generations: gaming, a world still unexplored for Pepsi, but already saturated by many brands.

League of Legends (LOL) players are a vibrant and very loyal community. Given its relevance, the brand focused on this community in particular, the fans of one of the most important games in the world, and did so during the event that has a larger audience than the Super Bowl, with more than 73 million viewers: the League of Legends Worlds, to invite people to order combos of Pizzivir and Kikiri Galio with Pepsi, the first drink to accompany meals in the virtual world.


LOL Food was active from October 10 to November 6, while the League of Legends 2022 World Championship was running. It was executed in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Chile. Pizzivir and Kikiri Galio restaurants were launched during the Worlds, impacting the target in the ideal space where they were willing to eat while watching the games through Twitch and YouTube broadcasts. Different digital pieces were segmented that led young people to delivery platforms (Uber Eats and Didi Food) to order pizza and fried chicken combos with Pepsi. Additionally, a Fan Zone was activated where people could watch the World Cup games and try the food in an experience closer to video game fans, and at the same time, generate organic content made by them. From the delivery platforms, communication was focused on inviting people to purchase the combos through push notifications and their social media channels.


Both brands were on a par with the big franchises such as: Pizza Hut, Domino's and Popeyes; selling 1 combo per minute the first two weeks.

+500,000 Pizzivir and Kikiri Galio units sold in the first two weeKs.

Pepsi increased its sales by 120% on delivery platforms.

A 113% consideration was reached among gamers.

+92 million impressions.

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