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Louisiana Dirty Burger

BBH, London / KFC / 2017

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Hijacking the joyless world of ‘clean eating’ to launch the Dirty Louisiana.

As the nation's obsession with ‘clean eating’ reached fever pitch we trolled our audience by pretending to bring out a ‘Clean Eating’ burger made of a cauliflower bun, spiralised chicken, ice cube relish, 100% British Kale, and other nonsensical ‘clean’ ingredients. To help launch the burger we created a fake food blogger (Flogger), named Figgy Poppleton-Rice. We gave Figgy a social presence on Instagram, Twitter and a blog, we then brought her 40,000 followers to boost credibility. After provoking a significant amount of anger (150,000 negative mentions) we then released a 2 minute video with Figgy creating the clean eating burger only to be interrupted by a massive poster of the actual Louisiana burger come smashing down.


We implemented our campaign in four chronological phases

Create a fake blogger, named Figgy Poppleton-Rice. Figgy would be our partner in launching the #CleanEating Burger. We gave her a social presence on Instagram, Twitter and a blog, which were collectively known as the ‘Figgysphere’.

Provocation. We uploaded an image of KFC’s ‘#CleanEating Burger’, made with spiralized chicken and ice cube relish, made in collaboration with Figgy. Over 160,000 people told us how disgusting it looked.

Reveal. The hero asset is retargeted to the 12 million people who saw the ‘provocation’. The hero video shows Figgy creating her clean burger. The final reveal is a massive poster of the Dirty Louisiana that comes down and smashes the #CleanEating burger.

Bombardment. We then sequentially retargeted the 21 million people who saw the ‘reveal’ with 5 second gifs of the Dirty Louisiana to ensure the product message was landed, rather than the


The Dirty Louisiana becomes one of KFC’s best selling LTO of the last 5 years and sold out nationally in 75% of stores within 3 weeks (it was supposed to run for 4 weeks), helping the Louisiana surge 39% above its sales mix target.

Over 38.7 million impressions, and a unique reach over 26.8 million people in the UK, equating to just under 41% of the entire country.

The video generated 20 million views in total, which people collectively watched for 9.5 million minutes, meaning a watchtime of 18.5 years.

KFC owned 67% of the UK search interest in ‘clean eating’.

Not only did we own the conversation, but we apparently killed it, Food critic Jay Rayner stated: “When KFC gets in on the gag i think we can declare the fad [clean eating] dead. Right, what next.”

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