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The Loveville project is a challenge between 15 major Italian cities, aimed at proclaiming the city that makes love the most.

The project was launched through a viral video, a print and radio campaign, guerrilla activities, a website, and PR.

For two months, Durex compared the number of condoms, lubes, and sex-toys sold in every city, with its population. Then the title of Loveville 2013 was given to the city that used these products the most, and was celebrated with an unforgettable party.

The strategy centered around the pride that Italians feel about their Latin lovers reputation, and their competitive nature, especially between cities/regions.

The objective was to increase sales and celebrate Durex as the market leader and promoter of safe and fun sex.

The results exceeded all expectations: up to +46% increase in sales in the cities involved and over 70 million earned media impressions.


The competition for the city that makes love the most was launched with a viral video, followed by a print campaign, radio, and guerrilla activities, with little media investment.

For the 2-month duration, the project lived in parallel on a dedicated website, with an online game giving out individual prizes, and through the social networks of the brand.

Regarding PR, due to the limited budget, the project relied only on desk activity, for both national and local activity in all the phases of the project, reaching, nonetheless, widespread coverage throughout the territory.

Through all the touch-points, citizens were invited to support their city in the most gratifying way: making love!


The Loveville project generated exceptional results, both in terms of sales and brand image.

In only 2 months, the website attracted over 850.000 visits, while the viral video reached 1.1 million views, proving an incredible level of awareness.

The brand had extensive space for visibility, and regardless of the limited media investment, the strength of the idea on a PR level was such, as to exceed over 70 million earned media impressions.

The increase in sales attest the active participation and interest of the target: +46% in lubes sales and +27% in condom sales. (Data available represents the first 6 weeks of the project).

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