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From strollers to games, from city bikes to beanies and from jeans to speedboats: Amsterdam produces it all. Amsterdam croquettes, trendy glasses and wooden tables also go all around the world. In this book, we portray all those leading Amsterdam brands and companies. From ambitious startups to established names and everything in between. This book is all about what makes those brands unique.


Amsterdam’s famed creativity is exported around the world. ‘Ideas That Travel’ became the design theme of the book. Lesser known though is the rebellious streak that mischievously courses through its veins. In the book we married these ideas together with a courageous and playful homage to groundbreaking Dutch Design and Paul Mijksenaar's iconic wayfinding for Schiphol Airport


This book portrays the creative industry of Amsterdam in all its glory and offers a fascinating look behind the scenes of people, brands and companies such as G-Star RAW, Ace & Tate, Marcel Wanders, and Guerrilla Games. Also explored is the background to Amsterdam's innovative climate. The book portrays more than fifty creative brands and designers who are conquering the world from Amsterdam, with their unique combination of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial guts. They speak about their vision, their way of working, and the role the city of Amsterdam plays in their creative process.

The result is an inspiring anthology and a unique insight into why Amsterdam is still one of the most creative, vibrant and progressive cities in the world.


Anyone wanting to understand the secret of Amsterdam's creativity will find answers in the many stories in the book. Whether it is the perceptive of designer Marcel Wanders 'In Amsterdam, poetry flows through the cracks in the pavement' or the well-tuned ears of music producer Hans Brouwer 'You can get hundreds of sounds out of a lightbulb' - they make you look at the world in a whole new way.

There initial print run of 3,000 books was sold through local and international art bookstores as well as online.

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