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Made of Magic

AKQA, London / SKY / 2022

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‘Sky Glass’, the world’s first carbon-neutral TV, works like magic. For the first time, Sky has released a television of their own which combines the best entertainment, with the highest level of craft, innovation, and technology. We were tasked with launching the biggest innovation in Sky’s history, Sky Glass TV, into the heart of the home.


Made of Magic. A series of eight films, each uncovering a unique feature of Sky Glass told through the eyes of an aspiring young wizard and his canine apprentice. With each tale lovingly directed by Michael Gracey of ‘The Greatest Showman’, the world of the wizard saw new technology and classic storytelling perfectly intertwined.


The magic grew from an Arthur C Clarke quote - “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” So, we decided to position the innovative Sky Glass, the world’s first carbon neutral TV which removed the need for a satellite dish, a set-top box and separate speakers, as less like a piece of technology and more like magic made real.


The first Wizard ad released on 29th October 2021 with the campaign continuing to be rolled out into Q2 of this year and beyond. The work ran across TV, BVOD and Cinema on a range of channels including ITV and Channel 4. It also ran across Sky owned Media, becoming the largest product launch ever in the UK.


We cast a spell - moving Sky and the TV market away from predominantly product focused advertising and towards the sincerity and charm of modern storytelling.

The launch of Sky Glass signalled a step change as well in Sky’s product range, having been renowned for their broadband for the best part of three decades. As such it was fundamental that the campaign captured the brands’ essence, whilst elevating and projecting Sky into the tech sphere. The result? An array of work which feels both cinematic but charming. Sentimental but never soppy. Sunny Bhurji, Sky’s Marketing Director, proclaimed that this was a creatively defining moment, saying “This will change how we do our advertising forever.”

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