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Since 1838, JOB has crafted the finest French-milled rolling papers on earth. Once a cultural icon known globally for its Art Nouveau style, the brand had dimmed dramatically since the 1990s. But in 2020 our team launched “Made to Create,” a brand overhaul focused on its nearly 200-year history modernized for our new world and the exploding legal leaf industry. JOB Rolling Papers doesn’t have a marketing department, so we sat down with the ownership, listened and learned they had one goal: to regain their flame and recapture their cultural appeal. From pixels and printed pages to narrative content, a fashion line and more, JOB now has the tools and channels to highlight, support and champion modern craft and craft culture for their next 200 years.


Job Rolling Papers. More than an iconic name, they are the originators of their industry. Reaching back almost 200 years, JOB has turned art into advertising to create lasting impact on our culture. But for the last 20 years JOB has sat idle in gas stations and smoke shops, the spark dimming more and more each year. So we revived and revamped the icon for the growing legal leaf audience. We brought the brand purpose back to craft, for a consumer looking for quality in a sea of subpar paper. We called the rebrand “Made to Create,” and it’s the line that influences everything we do, from why we exist to who we work with and how we judge the art and product we share with the world.


You don’t throw away a look that’s lasted centuries. So, we pulled apart the elements to create a modular map. A sea of elements that can be used to simplify, magnify, layer and pattern, or spice up video content. In short, we took an iconic DNA and created instantly recognizable shapes. A modern update that demands attention, exudes a crafted touch and finish and, best of all, is easily rememberable and recognizable. The resulting look is bold, full of attitude yet sophisticated — a redesign that pays tribute to the past yet champions forward momentum.


In September of 2020, JOB Rolling Papers launched its first website complete with CRM and ecomm, debuted an all-new Instagram page that increased engagement from zero to 3,000 followers with an active audience. We threw zines into retail stores, along with vibrant new signage, swag and new ways to connect consumer to retailer to product. Finally, we took over our digital channels to bring “Made to Create” content to life, working with multiple contemporary artists from fashionistas to street artists, musicians and more that use craft to define their artistic expression. It’s only a few months in, and JOB is beginning to pick up steam with an entire clothing and accessory line now hitting the shelves and closets of rollers from coast to coast. From a dim spark to a reignited fire, JOB Rolling Papers is well on its way to reclaiming its throne.