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Mapfre para mí (Mapfre for me)

PERFORMICS, Madrid / MAPFRE / 2017

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To be able to meet the challenges set out by Mapfre, achieving the relevance needed to engage consumers in a meaningful way was a must. We started by analyzing existing data and prioritizing the data sets that would provide us insights into consumer behavior that we could then structure in different segments.

We set up 90 different consumer segment profiles that when coupled with the technology layer allowed us to truly deliver personalized messages with adapted creative. This approach built the possibility to improve cost effectiveness of reaching consumers digitally.

The consumer data that was generated, was then analised to improve the consumer segments to be able to better adapt the messages and therefore improve our level of transactions with consumers.


Our strategy was based on achieving a defragmented view of the consumer which was enabled by implementing a technology stack. After an audit of technology providers, our partner of choice was Google. This would provide us the capacity to reduce audience duplication and to have a clear understanding of the consumer evolution at each step of their journey. Providing us the opportunity to build a meaningful value exchange and personalized creative assets according to the path of interaction with the brand.

We started by analysing consumer behaviour data and developing an understanding of the triggers that caused consumers to look for insurance solutions. We used this information to generate content based on the insights, and developed consumer types with which we could then continue to engage by monitoring their clicking behaviour.

As they interacted with Mapfre´s insurance solutions, we could then offer cross selling solutions and other value services that would solidify their relationship with the brand. With this approach, we were able to increase segmentation and interaction at regional and city level, becoming more personal and culturally relevant in our approach to the consumer.


With this approach to creative data usage we managed to meet and exceed our client´s objectives and set the basis for Mapfre becoming a leader in the digital space as well with the following achievements:

59% reduction in the cost per deal

200% increase in consumer deals.

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