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BBDO , New York / MARS / 2016

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For the 2016 Super Bowl, we put a new twist on Snickers’ long-running and successful “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign.

We took the familiar structure of a hungry person represented by a celebrity and set it behind the scenes during one of the most iconic moments in cinema history – the dress blow-up from the 1955 classic The Seven Year Itch. In our reimagined take, we see that America’s Sweetheart, Marilyn Monroe, isn’t so sweet when she’s hungry.

We cast Marilyn’s hungry alter ego as brooding, dramatic actor Willem Dafoe. The hungry alter ego of the crewman operating the fan was played by Eugene Levy.


We cast brooding, dramatic actor Willem Dafoe as the hungry alter ego of the typically sweet and innocent Marilyn Monroe. Dafoe's harsh, angular features and brooding intensity present an obvious contrast to Marilyn Monroe. Eugene Levy played the hungry alter ego of the crewman tasked with operating the fan in cramped, sweltering conditions. Levy has a timeless, everyman look and penchant for bringing out humor in put-upon, frustrated characters.

Our director, crew members and extras were cast with an eye on era-specific authenticity, both in look and disposition.

We also had to cast body and mouth doubles of one of America’s most beloved and recognizable icons.

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