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To play the McDonald’s Monopoly promotion, customers peeled a sticker on promotional packs to reveal either instant win food prizes, online entry codes or collect to win Monopoly properties. By collecting a set of properties, customers could win prizes such as; extra value meals, holidays, cars, cash prizes, and more.

However, revealing a collect-to-win property was starting to feel like a loss, because customers lacked belief, they’ll go on to complete a set, making it even harder and less desirable to collect and play.

The brief was clear; how do we re-engage customers to turn the feeling of loss back into a feeling of possibility, one that could drive greater participation?


McDonald’s Monopoly Double Peel. Peel on pack, then peel in app!

The Monopoly peel no longer ends after customer’s peel on pack, it extends. Customers can now peel on pack, then peel in app – giving them more ways to collect and win. They’re no longer playing a one-off game but progressing with every peel.

Inspiring customers with what they really love about McDonald’s Monopoly, the dopamine high of the Monopoly peel.

Transforming customers’ phones into a Monopoly gameboard, allowing them to collect properties within the McDonald’s app.

Encouraging customers to play digitally by giving them an extra digital peel every time they bank a Monopoly property.


Instead of “Peel = Reveal” resulting in a win or a loss (which effectively ends your game). We wanted customers to imagine if peeling meant you moved forward in the game – a peel created a sense of progress resulting in “feel good”.

We found from research just how much our broad range of McDonald’s customers loved the Monopoly peel, so we wanted to double it, inspiring customers to play on pack and again in app.

Inspiring McDonald’s customers to double down on what they love through a game that reinvigorates the collect to win, and gives customers more reasons to engage through a new digital experience.

So, customers could get;

Double the peel feel, on pack and then in app

Double the playtime, with digital gameplay experience

Double the fun, with more ways to win in app

Dramatised by a campaign that doubles down on our own


McDonald’s Monopoly Double Peel is a 6-week nationwide promotion, across all McDonald’s restaurants and sales channels. It was supported by a through the line campaign including heavy investment across TVC, Radio, Cinema, press, OOH, social media, e-CRM and PR, that brought to life the Double Peel, to excite and engage customers with the new gameplay experience resulting in 1.5bn+ total reach


A big win for the McDonald’s brand:

270 million digital visits

Unique players +39% YOY

Valid codes entered +191% YOY

99% digital peel rate

A big win for the McDonald’s sales:

+15.3% sales growth

3.4 million customers played 77 million times

And a big win for McDonald’s customers:

+782% YOY prize redemption

Fun +25% YOY increase

84% say it's fun to play the app

Ensuring that Monopoly remains an enduring iconic moment for the McDonald’s brand.

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