Cannes Lions

Meaningful Meanings

BRANDCORP, Zapopan / OMNILIFE / 2018


1 Shortlisted






In this film, we see an experiment carried out across several search engines. Google in particular. In doing so, we discovered a harsh reality: When searching direct translations of a single word in Spanish and English, the results returned are strikingly different.

Google Image Search works by showing the most popular results to the words given, that's why is a good way to analyze how a country, filtering it by language, can have a completely different perception of a specific group of people, culture or anything in general.

The meaning of this idea is to show the world how racism, prejudices, hate speeches, can affect the perspective of a whole country, changing the meanings of words that should be changed. And inviting all Mexicans, but especially the ones that are looking for new life opportunities, to join Omnilife, where their integrity will never be harmed.