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MINDSHAPE, Oakville / CALLREVU / 2022

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Situation: Dealer call monitoring solutions are perceived as a commodity with no identifiable differentiation or market leader, making it difficult for CallRevu to gain market share and attract new clients. When surveyed, dealer principals sea call monitoring as a required service, but with no compelling value proposition.

Brief: Dealer principals and sales managers are looking for business solutions that will address the shifting role of dealerships in a post-pandemic consumer market. The problem to solve for dealerships is bigger than sales call performance, it's about transforming how dealerships attract, engage and retain customers for life. The ask was to develop a compelling campaign that would increase top-of-funnel brand awareness, amplify CallRevu's innovation and drive qualified leads for CallRevu's prospecting and sales conversion.

Objectives: 1) Increase sales leads, 2) Decommoditize CallRevu by differentiating through innovation and service, 3) Build sustainable brand recall and long term market leadership


Our idea was to not just stand out, but break out. We knew this was the prefect opportunity to inject levity into an industry that has been plagued with chip shortages, production delays and completive pressures.

Let's face it, B2B tech isn't always fun, and all this talk about data, KPI's and analytics can be a bit overwhelming. So, what better way to demystify and uncomplicate CallRevu's leading call intelligence solutions then by bringing it life, literally. Welcome Revvy, your sales partner and call intelligence BFF. Quick witted and always there with a good pun, Revvy is fun and lovable, but with the assured confidence of CallRevu's data and call monitoring analytics. He’s there to help increase call performance and has all the insights you need to make more sales, he'll even make the next pot of coffee while your busy closing that big deal!


We applied a cross-functional lead generation strategy between creative, media and data to deliver a fully integrated campaign that achieved the identified objectives.

Data was an integral part of the overall strategy and was synthesized from multiple sources to drive each stage of the customer journey from top-of-funnel brand awareness to mid-funnel MQLs through to bottom-of-funnel sales conversation. Partnering with with client team, we deployed key matrix, data collection and campaign optimization to maximise spend efficiency and ROI.

Key data inputs leveraged social platform (Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok), paid media sources (Programmatic and Retargeting), in-bound and targeted email tactics.

Using client supplied prospect lists, targeted first and third party data sources and look-like audience profiles, we reached by key audience groups (dealer principals, sales manager and sales associates). The media strategy was further optimized by targeting larger urban centres within North America to attribute optimal conversion ratios.


Implemented through a full-funnel digital campaign across social, paid and earned media, the campaign provided the perfect balance of storytelling and data-driven strategy.

This was a highly effective campaign, achieving significant results within a five week flight. Not only did Revvy shake up the industry and amplify CallRevu's exposure across key channels such as Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn, but is also earned them superstar status at NADA, the largest dealer event of the year, when Revvy swooped in on the convention floor and stole the show.

The scale of the campaign was highly effective in achieving significant results within a modest budget. We knew going in there was an opportunity to take CallRevu to the next level if we optimized the spend and earned their trust through an amazing creative idea that grew into so much more.


The campaign strategy and creative execution lead to a measurable increase in top-of-funnel brand awareness and Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). CallRevu reported an increase in qualitative brand awareness across established and prospective customer acquisitions.

Quantitative success measures exceeded projections and B2B benchmarks with a reach of over 13,000,000 impressions and 25,000 click throughs to targeted landing pages. Content engagement outpaced expectations with over 1,900,000 video views across four 15 second B2B spots.

Overall, the lead gen campaign beat projected business targets for increasing brand awareness, engagement, MQL's and new customer acquisitions.