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MegRhythm′s eyes’ relaxing booth

DENTSU X, Taipei / KAO BRANDS / 2021

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MegRhythm is a famous brand for steamed eye masks in Japan. However, 50% consumers in Taiwan did not know the eye masks had been on the market in Taiwan, even though the selling performance has continually grown. As a result, the brand awareness still has a room to grow.

By communicating all kinds of MegRhythm’s eye masks are improved to fluffier. We would expect to enhance our brand value and reputation consistently, increasing the using-frequency of current consumers, and to attract new and potential consumers who have sleeping problem.


MegRhythm′s eye masks always bring a purpose of relaxing consumers’ eyes. On the other hand, we made lots of advertisements to ask them to “see”. Then, we get back to our original intention, creating new ads to relax consumer’s eyes by closing their eyes. This is the first time we created 《Eyes’ relaxing booth》which by listening, offering consumer a new form to close their eyes and truly relax !


Attacking by convid-19 in 2020, the daily life of consumer had been deeply affected and the programs of Podcast in Taiwan had increased 2100% in half year. We found that most of audiences are 30s female, who are our target audiences. They are a group of people who had eyestrain, mental pressure and sleeping problem through their work and family. Also, all of them would find ways to relax. Therefore, we created 《Eyes’ relaxing booth》. We invited a famous podcaster Mary and our endorser Jay to record four kinds of destress content by ASMR. Such as WFH, In-flight announcement、Epidemic prevention hand-washing、ceremony before sleep.


As weather getting cold, Nov 5th, 2020 – Dec 31st, 2020 was the peak season for steam eye masks. We released 《Eyes’ relaxing booth》, an program with four types of ASMR contents on various podcast hosting (Spotify, SoundOn and Youtube). At the same time, we extended the content to off-line by creating a pop-up booth in where TA usually show up. Letting them listen to the destress podcast with the eye masks.


《Eyes’ relaxing booth》gain 6,978,760 impression in all media during this campaign. The sharing rate of activity achieves to 84% , and the sharing rate of interaction is out of expectation increase 2 times. The most important thing is that we found a group of new consumer who love classical music, which can be used as follow-up promotion thinking.

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