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MEIN KAMPF – AGAINST THE RIGHT-WING in the German elections


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Gesicht Zeigen is a small, brave association, that encourages people to stand against racism in Germany. And to fight for respect and tolerance.

We’re facing the rise of the new Nazis in Germany. So how can a small, brave association against racism in Germany fight back to make history not repeat itself?


How can we prevent an election success of the right-wing – in the same state in which Adolf Hitler started the evil 90 years before?

We do what the new Nazis do: an election campaign. The first election slogans ever not for a party but against one. Initiated by Gesicht Zeigen – a small, brave association encouraging people to stand against racism in Germany.


The election campaign should:

1. activate people (4.08 mil, living in Saxony, +18 years) to vote open-minded and cosmopolitan

2. create a spectacular trigger for PR and social media to talk about the current situation of the society in the whole country

3. inspire and encourage everyone in Germany to stand up against right-wing extremism on Election Sunday and every day.

To achieve this, our approach was as colorful as our society: 20 non-politicians – from all 5 continents living in Germany – against wrong politicians. Hanging right next to the new Nazis’ posters, our 20 open-minded and eye-opening statements really made a smart difference – also budgetwise thanks to a wild-posted media strategy.


Our election campaign “My Struggle (Mein Kampf) – against the right-wing” is as colourful as our society. We kicked off 2weeks before Election Sunday: with 4,300 wild posted posters in Leipzig, Dresden, Chemnitz and Berlin’s political district. Showing heroically illustrated faces of non-policians against wrong politicians with smart statements, the message stayed in people’s mind and were so beautifully different compared to the standard stuff of all political parties.

Via an election TVC and social media we spread our message nationwide and started a new kind of relevant discussion across all levels of society – that even reached the National Parliament and international movie stars from Game of Thrones (Sibel Kekilli). Cosmopolitan companies like Ben & Jerry’s joined our fight with Insta stories featuring our motifs for free.

Our campaign had the power to unite people across political beliefs. Because: “The difference between the election in 1929 and 2019? You".


Our 4,300 wild-posted posters for an election on local level had a national impact and the power to unite people across political beliefs (socialists, conservatives, left-wing, green, party):

• Members of the National Parliament discussed and shared our open-minded campaign

• Even Germany’s Foreign Minister (Heiko Maas) joined our ongoing fight with himself holding one of our posters in his social media channels with thousands of followers

• Volunteers contacted us to hang up posters in their towns & villages

Seems like we had a final impact: the new Nazis (AfD) didn’t win the Saxony State Election as predicted. A priceless result on the crucial event.

Another proof that we did it right: our election campaign was hated by those who hate. Some posters were torn down. The haters even produced Youtube videos – and unintentionally spread our statements like “Simpsons. Smurfs. Hulk. Do you really have a problem with skin color?” in the right-wing’s social media.