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ÁRVORE, Sao Paulo / MAGNUM / 2014

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One of the pillars that help Magnum to build the brands gratification and desire is FASHION, not worked in Brazil. We created a PR Hero project for the final customer realize Magnum as a relevant brand associated with fashion. We figured out two things: The desire and pleasure of having a Magnum ice cream is connected to the brand’s sensorial experience. If we wanted to talk about fashion, a partnership with a brand who is a fashion icon and had the same principles as Magnum was necessary. Analyzing the brand, we came up to Brazilian plastic shoe brand Melissa, an ideal partner for a co-branding action. The project with Magnum was built to complement and maximize both brands, creating a 360° sensorial experience.

It was developed a Melissa shoe line with colours, prints, tags and the Magnum chocolate scent. To the final costumer, the experience was completed after the purchase of the shoe, giving a Magnum ice cream after the buy. The project’s launch party and the whole campaign generated great numbers:

- R$ 6,8 million returns of spontaneous media

- 380 published

- A 40% grown in PR return if compared with 2012’s project

- More than 5 million peoples impacted on social networks

This project must be one of the competitors because we talked about ice cream without putting it on the spotlight. We used the brand and it’s concept to innovate the category to talk about fashion, but in an authentic way same as the brand is.


The project was planned a year before and everything worked well.

1. The propagation of the project started 15 days prior the launch event

2. A week from the launch the teasers were uploaded giving ideas of what was coming

3. Press and trendsetters were impacted 3 days before the launch with a physical teaser

4. The event happened November 13th and lasted 3 months long which allowed the store’s window stay with the Magnum theme during the end of the year Holidays, period when Oscar Freire Street, where the flagship store is, has the biggest movement of the year.

5. Beside all of this, the project had the online media support with programmed posts by the brands and digital ambassadors (Tv celebrities with a great online expression).


- More than 50 different media vehicles covering the event

- The action had great results with 380 spreads published in press and digital media, overcoming expectations;

- The Magnum/Melissa partnership was present in all types of existent media, achieving total scope and impact with the target

- More than 350 online publications, 18 in newspaper, 11 in magazines and 2 in TV Web (in fashion editorials, style, life style, beauty, marketing and business spreads)

- R$ 6,8 million (U$ 2,9 million) of spontaneous media (measure)

- A 35% grown in PR return if compared with 2012’s project (R$5.417.914,44), corresponding as 90% of 2013’s brands share.

- It was produced 2000 pairs which sold out in 2 months

- Twitter: 125 retweets, 4553 mentions, 40 favorites and 731 interactions

- Facebook: 4529 engaged users, 8747 likes, 46 posts and 969 shares.

- Instagram: 443 posts with #melissamagnum, reaching 5.963.461 users

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