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Overcome Schick’s Quattro Power razor’s launch challenges with 1/10th of the leader’s budget; low awareness among men, 18-25.A great shave alters others' perceptions of you, therefore, we created the Power of 4, a mysterious, magnetic confidence that changes your life, sort of. We joined the razor and the Power to create a “life-changing system” featured in a parody of an infomercial.

Online films, 100 rich media ads, drove to website, www.That’ Goals exceeded by 100% : 2 million users; 7 million page view/2 months; Quattro dollar share +52% ; Men’s dollar share + 23% in 12wks


Competition owned the category, but not the hearts and minds of the audience. Our strategy was to uncover an ownable story within the brand and engage men in it.

We avoided blade claims to connect emotionally. The idea is based on insights: young men want an edge in life, and a great shave changes the way people see you. With Quattro Power’s four blades, that effect is magnified and taken to exaggerated level of superhuman magnetic confidence. Labelled “The Power of 4,” it added significance to the master brand’s tag line. This platform drove the campaign and media.


•Over 2 million users visited the site in the first 2 months (exceeding goal by 100%)•Over 7 million page views (2 months)•Quattro franchise dollar share grew 52% since the Power launch •Schick Men’s System dollar share up 23% in the first twelve weeks post launchThe Quattro Power launch ushered in a new connection with consumers. In the end, the biggest effect of the life changing system was on the brand itself—transforming itself from an overlooked product to the star of a show that over 2 million people lined up to see.

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