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Almost every car sale begins with search – but that is no longer happening exclusively on Google. YouTube has become a resource for enthusiasts and buyers alike. This meant that YouTube and video needed to play a pivotal role in delivering an experience no one has seen before.

We knew the AMG GT’s looks alone would spark intrigue, leading to search on Google & YouTube. Simply linking people to our Mercedes-Benz website or standard video wouldn’t be enough. We needed to put Canadians in the driver’s seat and let them experience the thrill of driving an AMG GT first hand.

So we created a video that became the virtual test drive of the AMG GT – living on the YouTube Gadget and transforming the platform to the campaign hub. The rest of the elements drove traffic to the hub and give people the chance to experience the sports car first hand.


In the physical world, cinema seats vibrated to the rumble of an AMG GT on a track in surround sound inviting movie-goers to visit YouTube for even more excitement!

We teased with newly launched YouTube Bumpers (:5 sec videos) to ensure a steady stream of traffic to the hub. Striking photo posts on Facebook & Twitter also linked to the YouTube gadget.

Ultimate intrigue for the campaign was on Instagram, with the AMG GT performing exhilarating stunts on a track as the first video Instagrammers saw.

We cut global TV spots into custom 10sec TV prompting viewers to turn to Google & YouTube for more.

Every time we created intrigue, people turned to Google & YouTube to find out more and with a robust strategy we drove people back to the YouTube Gadget.


The excitement around AMG GT was overwhelming! Intrigue with the vehicle and Mercedes-Benz spiked during the campaign with unprecedented levels.

• Over 50% higher than benchmark CTR for the masthead

• 79% lift in organic Google search for AMG GT

• Over 7.4MM searches on YouTube

• 30% of all Mercedes-Benz content searched on YouTube was for AMG GT

• Over 5MM video views – 400% above estimates with a 90% completion rate

• +326% higher social engagements

• Silver Winner, Best in Automotive category at Canadian Media Innovation Awards.

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