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DLKW LOWE, London / EMI / 2010







Codeorgan is a microsite that turns webpages into music.

It was launched in search of a client. After three weeks, EMI came to the codeorgan and asked to put the sounds of the new single from their hippest band, Yeasayer, into it.

The result is a place where you can have the tune of your website, or that of someone else, played by one of the coolest bands on the planet right now.


The codeorgan was launched with three well-placed tweets. One from the designer, one from the ECD and one that was sent to Tim O'Reilly, who alerted his 1.5 million followers of its existence.No other media money was spent.


After three weeks 500,000 visitors to the codeorgan had entered 2 million URLs into it.For Yeasayer, an experimental, electronic band by nature and EMI the organ represents an new and exciting way of reaching and interacting with their audience, as well as promoting their new single 'O.N.E.'.

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