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Mind & Mood

HAPPY F&B, Gothenburg / Oriflame / 2021

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Mind & Mood is a series of products designed to meet a new category; Emotional Wellbeing. The products consist of essential oils that can help you boost what you already are doing. E g calm your mind and help you focus on the present. Our task was to create a brand identity and packaging design. Being a new and somewhat abstract category we needed to find a good balance between being engaging and effective. Emotional but not too fluffy, scientific but not too cold, balanced but not too boring.


In Sweden, everything is about balance. We consciously strive for balance. It’s a lifestyle choice with its own special word – ‘lagom’ – meaning ‘not too much, not too little, but just right’. The design concept is all about emotional balance. Mind & Mood. One reflects the other. If you feel good mentally, it affects your mood and vice versa.


This reflection also worked as the inspiration for the symbol. Two M:s reflecting each other. By placing them horizontally, the symbol also captures the emotional aspect and scent of the product. Clear typography, white labels and brown bottles help to communicate the scientific perspective. To capture and communicate something even more elusive – emotions – we used soft gradients of colours.

The names of the different ranges reflect that emotions are highly individual; Empower Me, Balance Me, Relax Me, Energise Me.


Launch started in September 2020, and is ongoing.