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Mind Over Money

OMD WELLINGTON, Wellington / KIWIBANK / 2017

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We knew Kiwis were bad with money, but nothing prepared us for just how bad.

Our research found Kiwis are terrible savers - only 2-3% of their income is put away for a rainy day. Almost half never talk about money at all – despite 48% being worried about debt-levels, and 54% struggling to get on the housing ladder. Even then, 56% worried about the size of their mortgage, and whopping 85% felt Kiwis didn't have enough financial education.

But the issue wasn't the availability of financial tools or advice. It was simply procrastination. People knew they needed to talk to a bank, but just never got around to doing anything about it.

This meant there was a gaping hole in the market begging to be filled with financial content that was inspiring, fun and took the stigma out of talking about money.


Six, weekly, half-hour episodes of Mind Over Money were created for TV. They ran on-demand and on our website post-transmission, supported with content thematic, in-break, pre and mid-roll video ads.

Radio gave us a seat at the nation's breakfast-table the next morning, accompanied by digital-audio, social, print and digital display activity.

Facebook and Twitter achieved user-engagement with episode-related subject matter. Outbrain and Taboola reached another layer of Kiwis, with many being drawn to the topics, which directed them to the episode-related content on the MoM website.

We re-marketed questions relating to that week’s episode to users who’d previously been to site. We also re-marketed weekly to draw engaged-users back, continuing to nudge them ‘out of procrastinating’ about money.

An internal campaign ran simultaneously to inspire front-line staff and prime them with useful phrases to say to potential customers who'd watched the show and were considering Kiwibank as their main-bank.


The Digital Display remarketing activity's 2.24% CTR was testament to the quality of the website’s content, considering the global-average is just 0.11% – underscored by an impressive >7.5 minutes average-time spent on-site.

Brand tracking recorded that after viewing the show, non-customers increased their consideration for Kiwibank by 20%.

We added 5 points to our 6-month rolling average Net Promoter Scores, and opened a 13-point gap over our key-rival.

The show won its TV time-slot across all networks for the six nights it ran – out-rating The Block, My Kitchen Rules and The Bachelor for our crucial AP18+ demographic.

This is unheard of for a show created by a bank about a traditionally 'boring' subject.

We beat our second objective, driving 80,000 people to our website (30,000 over objective).

Crucially, we hit 183% of our main bank-switching target for the campaign period with March peaking at 206%.

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