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Miracle Word Card is a set of cards that turn anyone into a person of ideas. MWC was born from collecting over 2000 case studies from over 50 fields to extract 100 words that would make ideation easy for any industry/business structure. While teams get more diverse and there is no barrier between clients, agencies and other project members, everyone holds a new perspective. That’s why we involve everyone in the ideation. Applying gamification to business we work on projects with worldwide companies, startups, urban planning with local governments and helping solving social issues with NPOs.


A famous book on ideas says: idea is born when two different pieces of information are combined together. But when working with members with diverse backgrounds that include researchers or children, not all are trained or familiar with ideation. We provide one very miraculous piece of information in one word, and all can combine it with the potential product or service to create a new and interesting idea. MWC allows people to approach ideas as playing a game, regardless of their abilities.


Combination of unexpected words gives rise to an infinite number of ideas. Shinrabansho is a Japanese belief that represents all things in nature reflecting the belief that God(s) dwell(s) in everything. We used this concept to design the cards, we believed that all ideas are already there around you, you just have to see and grab them and the whole picture will start to show itself. The backside of the cards is a drawing where you can see things far away into the universe.


More than 20 workshops have been held with beverage and automobile companies, local governments and universities. A variety of ideas and projects have been born with the aim of bringing innovative ideas to the minds of researchers or elderly people living in rural areas who are not used to creative ideas. Those ideas are now being utilized for product development for beverage manufacturers, automobile manufacturers and solution development for ALS and nuclear abolition. Moreover, using these cards anyone can become a facilitator by taking the Facilitator Training Course we created. A deck of “Miracle Word Card” was handed out to all participants. This is the only way to own a deck of your own. With it anyone can conduct their own ideation sessions within their company or organization. The participation fee for the training course is 29800 yen. Participants