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Water is pious! It is essential to life yet 1 in 9 people globally lack access to it. The situation is grim. With Cape Town running out of water making headline and UNDP adding clean water and sanitation as one of its sustainable development goals, it is important to realize that this crisis is real and alarming. The situation is concern worthy in India too where 75% of the population does not have access to clean drinking water.

Taking cognizance of this alarming situation and taking onus on itself is the Mission Paani campaign, a Network 18 and Reckitt Benckiser initiative. Launching the campaign in India and globally at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2019, Mission Paani has since then leveraged on every relevant platforms.

With the message to Save Water, Mission Paani has become a Jan Andolan movement (People’s Movement) across India.


Since inception, Mission Paani took shape into a Jan Andolan movement (People's Movement). Conserving water has been the primary communication throughout. The sanitation angle of the campaign took precedence during the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with water, sanitation is of immense importance too. Hence, the creative communication took the course of “Swacchta Aur Paani, Aakhir Bachani Hai Zindagani” - (Hygiene and Water, saving lives).

An anthem composed by AR Rahman and Prasoon Joshi was also curated for this, that became viral as the Mission Paani Anthem and everyone hymning to Swacchta Aur Paani, Aakhir Bachani Hai Zindagani, made it worth the effort.

Revered actors of Indian cinema like Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar (campaign ambassador), Aamir Khan have been associated with Mission Paani and several water warriors have helped in making this campaign a mass movement.


Creating consciousness, awareness and inspiration have been the fundamental pillars of Mission Paani strategy. It has maneuvered through different terrains and paths. Right from involving bright minds of children who have the potential to influence change to reaching the heartland of India, the villages, the Mission Paani strategy has been constantly evolving. From time to time, changemakers, government representatives, celebrities and citizens have been made a part of this noble cause.

Some of the key milestones have been the Jal Pratigya Diwas (Save Water Pledge), the Mission Paani Anthem launch, curriculum launch by Education Minister and the 10-hour long Waterthon, co-hosted by Akshay Kumar. During the waterthon, several celebrities, government representatives and water warriors became a part of Mission Paani. Grass root problems of girls being made to quit education and walking miles to get water for their families were some of the issues that were brought to the fore.


The mammoth campaign of Mission Pani was kickstarted by the India launch in August 2019 with Amitabh Bacchan as the campaign Ambassador.

In a span of less than one and half years, the campaign achieved

- International launch at the World Economic Forum, Davos 2020.

- The Paani Anthem by A.R Rahman and Prasoon Joshi

- Jal Pratigya by students on 19th of November (World Toilet Day) to focus on conscience building among children. Pledge taken by 250,732 Indian citizens.

- Launch of Water Curriculum by the Education Minister, which will be translated in four regional languages for children to understand the significance of water right from a tender age.

- 10-hour Waterthon on 26th January hosted by Akshay Kumar to take the conversation to the maximum number of citizens.

The nation-wide campaign was televised via 4 national and 14 regional channels and reached a million homes across the country.

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