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DAVID, Sao Paulo / BURGER KING / 2023

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Video games are the new battleground for brands. More and more companies are looking for a way to establish a relationship with gamers. But Burger King was willing to challenge itself to the next level.

So, in order to activate the Burger King brand for the gaming community, BK had to propose a disruptive strategy. The objectives were pretty straightforward: become talked about while creating a unique, fun and different experience for the audience while increasing sales on the app. And so, the Mission: Whopper was born.


Every competitive game has a scoreboard that displays the players' names. So we decided to turn this into advertising for Burger King. 

We invited gamers for a mission: build the Whopper in the Call of Duty scoreboard.

All they had to do was change their nicknames for Whopper ingredients and finish the game in the correct order: Top Bun, Salad, Cheese, Pickle, Grilled Meat, and Lil Bun. 

Those who completed the mission - or better yet - the Whopper, shared the print of the scoreboard on social media. From there, Burger King DMed them with six free coupons for the entire squad.

The Mission: Whopper started as a Call of Duty promotion, but it quickly spread across the scoreboards of some of the most popular games online.


Burger King's main target in Brazil are those aged 18-24 yrs old. Unlike traditional audiences, they spend much of their time on video games. Getting their authentic attention is a huge challenge for brands.

BK wanted to increase the brand's connection with the gaming community. So they created engaging and entertaining content that actually adds value to the gamer's experience, rather than simply pushing products.

The approach was to create a game within the game. Inviting gamers to a juicy challenge: change their names for ingredients, build the Whopper on the scoreboard, and post the results with #MissionWhopper on social networks.


Burger King called on the most popular Brazilian gaming influencers to start the Mission: Whopper. During a 3-hour live stream for more than 100,000 viewers, they joined forces to complete the task. After accomplishing the mission, all gamers were invited to the challenge.

The campaign ad consisted of cuts from the best moments of the live stream. Then, players posted their scoreboards with #MissionWhopper on social networks to redeem the coupons.

The Mission: Whopper reached an all time high by taking the main stage at the Call of Duty Official Launch Event in Brazil.


+40,000 coupons were redeemed;

28% increase in BK online sales that week;

2,4 million minutes watched by +300,000 viewers;

+40,000 free ads of the Whopper.

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