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DEUTSCH, New York / TNT / 2014


1 Bronze Cannes Lions
1 Shortlisted Cannes Lions
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It was a little-known period where the bad guys dressed better than the good ones, and we needed to introduce 2013 to the noir swank and style of the 1940s. Our goal was to let people and the fashion industry know that despite Mob City being a brutal and bloody drama, the fashion of the time was really the main character.


We made 'Mob City' the first television show to be adapted onto Twitter. For three days, we shared every word of the pilot episode script, 140 characters at a time, using new Twitter Cards to inject photos and GIFs directly into every tweet. To ensure readers never missed a part of the story, arranged tweets sequentially in real time alongside tweeted cast and crew commentary. The hundreds of script tweets ended minutes before the pilot aired, with a cliffhanger that withheld the final scene. Fans could seamlessly tune in to continue the story, driving viewership straight to the premiere.


Every script tweet was immediately retweeted, and soon every media outlet picked up the story. We had successfully intertwined TV and Twitter through storytelling and the fans loved it: their conversation reached 43 million people, tweet activity around 'Mob City' increased 13 times over, with 89% of our tweets resulting in a social conversation, all leading to a 5x increase in @MobCityTNT followers. People were immersed in the storyline of a show like never before, all before 'Mob City' even aired. When it did premiere, it was the highest-rated drama on Twitter.

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