Cannes Lions


MEC ACCESS, Copenhagen / SONY / 2011

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We partnered up with TV2, the largest commercial broadcasting company in Denmark. Their plan was to create the largest set up ever in Denmark covering the largest big screen event and great coverage of the world cup on TV, online and on mobile application.

To get access to the Danish players in South Africa we had to make a great deal with DBU. The players had to shoot photos and video clips, which were uploaded on the website and on the mobile application exclusively for Sony Ericsson. In return, Sony Ericsson had to use the phones for cause marketing.


10,000 limited editions were sold, making the XperiaTM X10 Mini the third best-selling smartphone in June 2010, and the best-selling smartphone in July 2010.

More than 130,000 visited the pier and the big screen event in itself was a success. By its presence Sony Ericsson had excellent exposure within the target group as a communication entertainment brand.

TV2 used the hardest kick activity to test their expert commentators exposing Sony Ericsson solo on live TV.“This is how we want to activate our sponsorships in sports in the Nordics” - Sony Ericsson Head of Marketing, Nordic & Baltic, Joakim Liljedahl.

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