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KBS+, New York / MOMDOMS / 2014

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With humor as its centerpiece, the Momdoms campaign aimed to create a “sex-positive” message about condom use that would earn the product front-and-center point-of-sale placement at retail instead of being hidden behind a store counter. Providing humorous yet important reminders about safe sex as part of the Momdoms design was a way to ease the awkwardness often associated with purchasing condoms in public, helping to make condoms more widely acceptable and available to purchase. Illustrations showcasing retro moms (including the mom of the Momdoms’ founders) bedecked the condom tins, featuring cheeky reminders to always practice smart sex.


As children of the 1960s, the Momdoms founders were immediately drawn to that era for the retro look that they wanted for the brand both in the design and packaging. Momdoms worked with a local artist who created the original watercolor illustrations of the 1950s and 1960s moms seen on the packaging. Additionally, customers seeking a personalized message have the option online to customize condom tins with their own photos. To do this, customers pick their favorite tin design online and upload the image.


Launched as an online store in May 2013, Momdoms rapidly began popping up in more than 40 retail stores across six states. The brand’s humorous approach has garnered the attention of both fans and the media, who’ve heralded Momdoms as a “fun, twisted and a genius tool for parents to kick-start a healthy conversation with their children about sex.” Momdoms was featured as “Pick of the Day” in and in PSFK, among others. Momdoms has begun expanding its business to establish branding partnerships with nightclubs, casinos and bars, as well as product customization programs for colleges and high schools.

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