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MINDSHARE , Los Angeles / CAMPARI / 2016

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After witnessing the seemingly endless cycle of drunk-driving campaigns by their larger competitors, Campari America decided to take a stand and do things radically differently. Rather than perpetuating the use of shock tactics and mindless statistics, we would adopt a completely new approach. We would reach people in their most critical moment – when they’re out drinking – and actively help them to make the responsible, and potentially life-saving, choice. We would use their mobile phones as the vehicle for getting them home safely and keep drunk drivers off the road.

While the idea of reaching drinkers when they’re out at a bar and on their phones seemed simple, it wasn’t. We risked infiltrating consumers’ personal and intimate space (their phone) and facing rejection. The only way to overcome this was to create a campaign in which Campari America would be seen as relevant, while also offering something of value to consumers.


Using Kiip, a mobile advertising network active across 4,000 apps, their data geo-targeted moments that mattered. The technology pinpoints a users moment of achievement on their mobile phones, from favoriting cocktail recipes to leveling up in a drinking game. We served a congratulatory message from one of Campari America’s brands with a $5 Lyft credit, along with encouragement to practice responsible drinking. Upon entering an email address, users received a link to redeem the coupon, making it simple and convenient on the go.

Targeting by demographic and behavior, we reached the right people; dayparting our campaign to run from 5pm – midnight weeknights and 12noon – 3am weekends. We reached people at the right time, with the right message. Providing an offer that people valued, we made it easy for drinkers to be responsible. It was a data-driven, insight-rich approach that allowed us to be laser-focused with a modest investment.


• This initiative was the first time any brand had used moments-based targeting to help save lives

• Campari America provided over 160,000 Lyft credits – each credit representing a moment when someone made the decision to not drink and drive

• The average engagement rate was a towering 20%, five times higher than Kiip’s average for the spirits vertical

• Lift in awareness ranging from 48-56%, a +45% increase over industry benchmarks. Consumers not only recognized SKYY, Wild Turkey, and American Honey’s role in the initiative

• 79% of millennials stating that they’re more likely to purchase products from a brand that is socially responsible, it’s clear that the effect of this ground-breaking campaign will last long after those 160,000 safe rides home.

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