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Moms Don't Quit

FCB MILAN, Milan / RCS / 2017

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The campaign was inspired by this simple yet truly insightful question: what would happen if for once, all the moms usually forced to choose between motherhood and work, would choose their career instead of their kids?

The answer is a provocative social experiment: a number of moms decide to quit they role of mothers writing a resignation letter to their sons, as many mothers do in Italy every year to quit their job. However, this time the addressees of the letter are their children, who all reject it and destroy it with anger, differently from employers, that every day accept mothers' resignation letters.


Moms Don’t Quit started with a print ad on the main Italian newspaper, showing to millions of readers a letter, written by a real mom, quitting from her role of mother.

This provocation was followed by an online video, showing some real moms reading the same letter to their sons. All children reacted with anger and disappointment destroying the letter in front of the camera and demonstrating the campaign’s idea: even a child can understand that forcing a mom to quit is unfair, cruel and damaging.

A print campaign supported the campaign message and the video was hosted on a dedicated website. Here users could sign a petition to start a discussion with institutions around the problem.

The gesture of children tearing up the letter was then used to create a Facebook activation, starting with some influencers and spreading through the web with a lot of user generated videos.


"After one week from the launch, the campaign has reached more than 30 million people and has been viewed by one Italian out of three. The discussion started on different media, involving also politicians and opinion leaders. Different national tv shows and newspapers leveraged on this campaign to start talking again about this topic. More than 40 articles online and offline have promoted the campaign inviting people to sign our petition that is growing everyday putting pressure on the agenda of Italian Parliament. And to open big, one week after our letter, the “newborn bebe bonus”, foreseen in 2016 stability law but never assigned, was finally released.”

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