Cannes Lions

Mom's Heartbeats

F5, Shanghai / CCTV / 2018

Demo Film






A crying baby is being passed from person to person. No matter who tries to pacify her, she continues crying incessantly. Finally, she's passed to a man who holds her close to his heart. The baby stops crying as soon as she hears his heartbeats. It is revealed that the man is the recipient of a heart that was donated by the baby's mother.


The casting process took more than a month. It took us a month, just to cast the right baby for this project. We cast dozens of them. We spread word among friends, colleagues and family members. Whoever we could find - as long as the baby age and physical appearance fits the story.

After the initial selection, we put the babies in front of the camera to test their emotional stability; looking for the way they react to strangers and the chemistry with the main talent. We shortlisted 3 babies. The one that was finally selected is the one that both the main talent and the baby had a natural chemistry. It is as if they've known each other. They bonded straight away.

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