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Alcohol & Society (A&S) is working to get more people into treatment for alcohol abuse. Alcohol problems and alcohol is the direct cause of more than 60 diseases. That is why it is part of the UN's global goals and therefore A&S wanted to put it on the agenda with an annually recurring campaign. Initially we carried out qualitative and quantitative analysis, which showed that alcohol problems are deeply taboo and that Danes struggle with both acknowledging the problem and seeking help when necessary. 40% of Danes believe that someone in their circle drinks too much and more than 500,000 Danes are estimated to have harmful alcohol consumption, but the topic is so taboo that 2 out of 3 Danes believe that the topic is difficult to talk about, while many underestimate what a harmful consumption is. People often seek help too late because they cannot see themselves as alcoholics.


The campaign had three focus areas. A citizen-oriented effort through a media collaboration with TV 2, an information effort aimed at municipal prevention and treatment, and an effort aimed at general practitioners.

The media collaboration with TV 2 consisted of a number of features in the talkshows Good Morning Denmark and Good Evening Denmark, and a number of features produced for online use on and TV2 ECHO. The features were a mix of interviews with former alcohols abusers, relatives and professionals. In addition, we produced a Hero Video with a strong emotional story, where we showed how prejudiced we can be towards people with alcohol problems.

The municipal effort included a material package for outdoor and info screens and the Hero Video for use in cinema advertising, and the practitioners also received material for use in clinics and consultations.


Our analysis showed that people in ages 35-55 are most likely to develop an alcohol abuse, therefore, they became the main target group for the campaign.

Since we also wanted to change the Danes perception of who is affected by alcohol problems, it was clear that we would communicate this message through Good Morning Denmark, which is one of Denmarks most popular TV power brands that reaches Danes widely. Therefore, we decided that the focus of the campaign was content distributed through Good Morning Denmark on TV and on their digital platforms.

Since we also wanted to broaden out the target group to the younger crowd we also used TV 2 ECHO who are present on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TV 2 Play to communicate the message to their young followers. Therefore, this channel was a perfect match as supplement to the rest of the campaign.


The massive campaign was rolled out in an intense period throughout the entire week 40 - the traditional 'Alcohol Week', which we revived and took ownership of.

During 8 days, there were a total of 8 features/interviews each of approx. 10 minutes duration in Good Morning Denmark including a live call center with Alcohol- line and 2 features in Good Evening Live.

To remove some of the stereotypical notions that exist about alcohol addiction, we had a wide panel of participants in Good Morning Denmark and elucidated the problem from different angles. Personal stories told by different alcohol abusers Various experts who shed light on the subject from a societal perspective. Relatives who shared experiences

Besides that we launched a huge digital campaign containing 2 ECHO/TV2.DK digital videos, 1 campaign film, 3 mini-trailers and 37 posts on SoMe with customized digital content from the Good Morning/Evening platform.