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ELECTRONIC ARTS, Redwood City / EA GAMES / 2021

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The brief was to create a game studio identity that felt open, creative, inclusive, and experimental, while avoiding any cliches commonly associated with gaming.

The primary audience was game developers/creative professionals. We wanted to change peoples preconceived notion of what a game studio could look like and attract people who may have never considered working in the industry.

The solution was to combine art and science as a metaphor for how games are made.

The bright, colorful pixel gradient represents the artistic and sometimes abstract side of development. The graphic shapes and details and help reenforce the idea of purposeful design and ingenuity behind the games.


Motive is a video game development studio in Montreal. They create AAA games over a variety of genres. We set out to create a gaming studio brand that felt like a fun, inclusive, creative place to work.

The overall idea for the brand a celebration of the creative process, and how the left brain and right brain come together to make great games.

The “Process” pattern represents the opposite side of the creative mind. When these come together, you get development.

From tone of voice to color palate, we wanted things to feel as friendly, inviting, and inclusive as possible. A game studio should be a safe place where artists are empowered to take creative risks.

Our target audience was game developers and creative professionals, specifically in the Montreal area. The goal was to create an identity that could appeal to a diverse range of potential job candidates.


Two primary elements come together to make the brand: the pixel grid and the process pattern. The pixel grid represents inspiration and big ideas. The Process pattern is more rigid and technical, which represents the work it takes to bring an idea to life.

A custom wordmark was made as part of the rebrand. We also created an announce video, and branded design motion package to support this creative. Environmental graphics were done as well, and are being added to the office in a total redesign effort. All elements were provided via a style guide for the team to use moving forward.

The identity was designed to be flexible. We delivered a robust style guide that covers a wide range of applications. Everything from a billboard to updating the meeting signs in the hallway was considered. The guide covers how and when to use each element.


List the results (20% of vote)

• Value added to brand All channels grew in both size and impressions after the launch. The rebrand announcement was the top post of the month and had large organic reach.• Achievement against brief Our primary goal was making Motive look like an attractive place to work. We want to appeal to the diverse talent in Montreal and attract more qualified candidates in a highly competitive space. Seeing the LinkedIn following almost double during the rebrand launch month shows we are moving in the right direction.• Other KPIs

· 1.27M Impressions in launch month (October 2020) and ~10K profile visits.

· Our rebrand announce was the Top Tweet within that month with 150K+ earned impressions

· Recording total impressions at 455K and 17K for Instagram and LinkedIn respectively

· Social growth in the month of October: IG: + 41%, TW +18%, LI +88% followers

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